We province innovative solution for your needs

Thanks to the use of industry 4.0 technologies, such as RFID, WiFi, barcode readers, IoT sensors, we are able to provide advanced solutions to solve your problems, reduce errors, save you time and improve your business efficiency.

Systems for the association of RFID tags

We offer different solutions to associate the information you want, within the RFID tag present in the processing products, such as shoes, clothing, according to your needs.

RF series for massive RFID readings

Our RF series machines are devices designed to improve business efficiency, through the simplification of warehouse management and your logistics, through the use of RFID tags.

Quality control solutions

We provide a solution to simplify quality control, through the use of PDAs and X-ray machines, to identify production problems quickly and easily, all digitally.

Property CRM software to take advantage of the Industry 4.0.

  • Unique identification rfid
  • Processing setting
  • Production management control
  • Production logistics control
  • QC sharing
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