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Smart 4.0 solutions for your business

Interconnection in your factory: We connect the individual operating units

Interconnection in your factory

We connect the individual operating units

Production progress

We automate and track the progress of your daily production.

Simplified warehouse and logistics

Thanks to the use of RFID tags, managing your warehouse and logistics will be easier, faster and with fewer errors.


All the collected data is analyzed to provide you with statistics to improve your business efficiency

Warehouse management and massive logistics

Our RF series machines will allow you to take advantage of all the power of RFID technology for the management of your warehouse and logistics.

Automated entry and exit

Our machines will be able to automatically read RFID tags, to load your products in stock very quickly.

Logistics without errors

Each in/out shipment will be checked against the order, to check for errors, such as excess products, mistakes or quality unchecked pieces .

Quality control

We supply the latest machinery and technologies for quality control, to detect manufacturing errors and to guarantee high quality standards for your company.

Association of RFID tags

Thanks to our solutions, you can associate the information you want within the RFID tag which is inserted in your product in a few seconds, to exploit it in all phases of subsequent processing. We offer different solutions, according to your personal RFID tags or starting from new ones provided by BAT.

Digitize quality control (QC)

- QC reports associated with a single unit - QC digital report easily archived avoiding data loss - reports available online for real-time consultation

X-ray scanner

It requires different machines, able of identifying the imperfections of the workings, according to your needs, with the possibility of saving the images in your IT infrastructure.

Digitization report

Our tablet solutions will allow you to digitize the quality control report and link it to your production, so that you can quickly access information in every stage for every place.