RFID All-in-one Platform


Brustia proposes various technologies to identify/trace in an univocal manner a specific object / product; this solution is the basis of production quality improvements and of the possibility of more automatic management of industrial processes, such as the management of wharehouse, logistics department and quality control function.

RFID: means a technology for automatic identification and / or storage of information about objects (automatic identifying and data capture, AIDC) based on the data storage capacity of particular electronic labels, called tags (or electronic and proximity keys), and on their capacity to respond to remote interrogation by specific fixed or movable devices called readers (or even interrogators). This identification takes place by means of radiofrequency by which a reader is able to communicate and/or update the information contained in the tags under querying; in fact, despite its name, a reader is not only capable to read, but also to write information.

The BAR CODE is an identification code consisting of a set of high contrast graphics elements intended for reading by means of a scanning sensor and decoded to return the information contained therein.

A QR CODE is a two-dimensional barcode (or 2D code), ie matrix, composed of black modules arranged inside a scheme of square form. It is used to store information generally intended to be read by a mobile phone, a smartphone or a scan reader.

Industry 4.0

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Automate and track the production process


Manage the warehouse, logistics and data collection to process them

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